National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 Winners' Exhibition(19 May - 9 June)

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National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 Winners’ Exhibition




National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018
Award Announcement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Themed around “Hong Kong Story”, The National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest 2018 is separated into four categories including nature, city, people and Mobile photography. This year, we’ve received more than 4,000 submissions from both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China, Italy, Spain, USA, and Canada, totaling 19 countries and regions. Needless to say, competition was fierce. Our judging panel saw The National Geographic photographer Fritz Hoffman, renowned nature photographer Samson So and National Geographic magazine Chinese edition’s Editor-in-Chief Yungshih Lee.

Fritz Hoffman says: “It’s remarkable to see pictures pertaining to Hong Kong, makes me reminisce the times when I snapped shots here myself. Although everyone can be a photographer now, there are still so many unexplored ways to capture beautiful images. Some submissions stood out in their technical skill, but the real winners were ones that had a real unique eye.”

Samson So, judge and a household name among Hong Kongers, says: “The submissions this year surprised us with interesting composition and concept. When reaching our decision, we assessed factors like aesthetics, content, creativity, technique and social responsibility. Hong Kong is a multi-faceted city, and through the eyes and lens of photographers, every detail becomes a stroke of art, a play on light, a moving story. I hope every photographer will continue to tell tales with imagery and learn about our city from different angles.”

Editor-in-Chief Yungshih Lee from Taiwan says: “Hong Kong is limited in space but unlimited in shooting subjects. The submissions this year fully captured the city’s richness whether in its people, urban landscapes or nature. Locals here definitely have a strong passion for photography: I look forward to future photo competitions as I savour this city’s transformations as captured in tales of light and imagery.”

During the award ceremony, Wheelock Chairman Stewart Leung says, “We are very honoured to partner with National Geographic magazine in the National Geographic Wheelock Hong Kong Photo Contest”. The event was more than a competition: it was a cultural exchange, whereby talents and dreams were revealed through photography seminars and talks. It’s also a platform where photography aficionados and enthusiasts alike explored and captured the beauty of Hong Kong landscapes, people and happenings.” 

The photo competition rewards generously: first, second and third-place winners went home with HKD15,000, HKD6,500 and HKD3,500 respectively. The winning works will also be published in National Geographic magazine’s March issue and will be shared with more than 100,000 readers across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. As well, the winning shots will be displayed to the public for free in the Wheelock Lounge from February 19 to 20 and at the Gallery by the Harbour from February 22 to March 3.

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