As the ever-shining Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong is unique and beautiful in many ways, attracting people from all over the world to stay and visit with an explorer eye. To encourage and nurture the potential photographers, Wheelock Properties is once again partnering with National Geographic in organizing a worldwide competition for photo enthusiasts. The theme this year is “Hong Kong Story: Nature, City and People”, welcoming both professional gear followers and mobile users to uncover the city landscape and stories beyond words.

The competition this year encourages participants to discover the unseen sides of the city by capturing manifest nature and adventurous outdoors, colorful metropolis city living, as well as local people and their life forming Hong Kong spirit.



From natural landscape to outdoor adventures, reveal Hong Kong’s beauty wild and wonderful.


Cityscapes, images depicting underlaying potential of Hong Kong, and photos that capture the charming of Hong Kong city.


Portraits, everyday encounters, photos with stories and Hong Kong spirit.

Mobile Photography

Photograph taken by mobile on above themes.

Black & White Photography

Photograph taken in black and white color on above themes.